750 Furling System

Schaefer Jib Furlers

Schaefer Roller Furling/Reefing allows you to set, furl and reef your genoa from the safety and convenience of the cockpit. You no longer need to scramble forward to hank on your luff or "tame the beast" of a flailing genoa dropped on the foredeck. Best of all, it's a one person job to handle even your big 150% genoa.

All Schaefer Systems are designed to be the strongest, best performing furling systems you can install on your boat. Combined with one "wide range" reefing sail, Schaefer Roller Furling/Reefing Systems can do the work of three or four conventional sails. Sailmakers can modify your existing sail or build a single sail that can perform well in winds from 0 to 35 knots.

Our primary goal was to provide our customers with a product that meets their expectations of Schaefer's high quality.

Bearing Liners
Polyethylene headstay bearings prevent corrosion and promote smooth furling.

"Angular Contact" Races
Handle both thrust and axial stresses by distributing sail and halyard loads to maximum bearing surface.

Aluminum Top Cap
Prevents the halyard swivel from being accidentally over-hoisted.

Sta-Lok ™ Wire Fitting
Allows conversion of your existing headstay without special tools.

Twin Aft Facing Sail Grooves
Two aft facing sail grooves allow furling system to carry two sails at once and quick sail changes during racing.

Investment Cast Stainless Feeder
Stainless sail feeder provides smooth sail entry without chafe. Captive fasteners insure "no splash".

Riveted Assembly
Reliable riveted assembly requires no drilling, glue, or Loctite ™. Rivets cannot freeze, strip or back out. Foil can be easily removed and repaired.

Torlon™ Ball Bearings
Triple race Amoco Torlon™ ball bearings offer high compressive strength and require no lubrication.

Precision Drilled Torque Links
Computerized milling machinery allows perfect alignment of fasteners.

Open Drum Design
Allows for easy furling line inspection and maintenance.

Investment Cast Stainless Drum Cage
Prevents damage to the drum from anchors.

Full Headstay Adjustment
Use of existing headstay and turnbuckle reduces expense and installation time and allows full adjustment.

Captive Fasteners
Fasteners are captive and set in heli-coils to prevent seizing.

Removable Split Drum
System 1100, 2100, 3100, and 4100 allow easy conversion for racing.

Large Diameter Drum
Provides greater mechanical advantage and additional control line capacity

Heavy-Duty Base Toggle / Link
Over-built to handle excessive side loads.

Schaefer 75001 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 1/8 in wire 1/4 in. pin (6mm)

CODE: SCH75001

System 750, 1/8" Wire, 1/4" Pin (3/6mm)

Schaefer 75002 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 5/32 in wire 5/16 in. pin (8mm)

CODE: SCH75002

System 750, 5/32" Wire, 5/16" Pin (4/8mm)

Schaefer 75003 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 3/16 in wire 3/8 in. pin (10mm)

CODE: SCH75003

System 750, 3/16" Wire, 3/8" Pin (5/10mm)

Schaefer 75004 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 7/32 in wire 7/16 in. pin (12mm)

CODE: SCH75004

System 750, 7/32" Wire, 7/16" Pin (5.5/12mm)

Schaefer 75010 - Extension Kit 6ft. (2m) joint rivets

CODE: SCH75010

Extension Kit, 6'(2m), Joint, Rivets

Schaefer 75011 - 45 ft. x 5/16 in. line (15m / 8mm)

CODE: SCH75011

50' x 1/4" Line (15m/6mm)

Schaefer 75019 - Clamp on block / line kit 50ft. 1/4 in. (15m / 6mm)

CODE: SCH75019

Clamp On Block/Line Kit, 50',1/4"(15m/6mm)

Schaefer 75020 - Clear Step block / line kit 50 ft. 1/4 in. (15m / 6mm)

CODE: SCH75020

Clear Step Block/Line Kit, 50', 1/4"(15m/6mm)