Harken Blocks

Strong, dependable and exceptionally free running, these blocks are the

foundation of the Harken® line, with a vast library of hardware choices available to complement your boat’s style. Classic blocks come in multiple sizes, dozens of configurations and are ideal for almost every trimming task.

Low-friction Carbo AirBlocks® are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable.These are features all sailors look for when choosing sail controls and a real breakthrough in block design. Companions to Harken’s® popular Black Magic® line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming no matter how hard the wind blows.

Harken Sailboat Hardware

Small boat blocks

Harken 16 mm Blocks Harken Dinghy Vang System Harken Snatch Blocks

Harken Triple Micro Block w/Cam Cleat & Be...

$95.20   $83.78

Harken 2.25 Single Block 001

$50.90   $44.79

Harken 2.25 Double Block 003

$98.65   $86.81

Harken 3.00 Single Block 005

$66.60   $58.61

Harken 3" Cheek Block (14)


Harken 3.00 Hexaratchet II + 2 Cheek Block...

$88.80   $78.14

Harken 3.00 Hexaratchet II + 2 Cheek Block...

$88.80   $78.14

Harken 2.25 Hexaratchet Cheek Block (Stbd)...

$82.25   $72.38