Sailboat Bowsprits

At MarinerParts.com we offer two manufactueres of sailboat Bowsprits, Selden and Sparcraft. Both offer kits and accessories for a complete Bowsprit installation on your sailboat. See below both bowsprit kits offered from Senden and Sparcraft.

Sailboat Bowsprit

Selden offers a removeable/retractable gennaker bowsprit, sold as a kit for adaption to your yacht. Basically, you fit two Selden Bowsprit kits in Aluminum and Carbon fiber
pad eyes on deck in line with the bow bracket. The bow bracket is a stainless ring with a polyamide (PA) inner
lining through which you slide the bowsprit to active position. When you’re done with the gennaker, slide
the bowsprit back and secure it to the aft pad eye. The inboard end features a spring-loaded plunger for easy
attachment to the pad eye.

The gennaker tackline is preferably pulled through the bowsprit. The line enters a well rounded hole in the
outboard end and comes out through the inboard end. Alternatively, a tack block can be fitted to the outboard

• Unique inboard and outboard ends
• Can be fitted to most yachts
• Always in stand-by position for active use
• Makes for fast and efficient gennaker handling
• Increases the performance of your gennaker sailing
• Easy stowage when not in use

A kit includes:
• Bowsprit aluminium tube
• Inboard end complete with plunger and pop rivets
• Outboard end fixed to the tube
• 2 stainless steel pad eyes (508-750-01)
• Instructions

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Sailboat Bowsprit from Sparcraft

Sparcraft offers a new range of bowsprits that fits all sizes of sailboats. Easily removed from the deck these innovative bowsprit spars can be fitted on sailboats from 25 to 57 feet. They have been specially designed for Gennakers/ Code zero or asymmetric Spinnakers. The deck fixing device allows a free foredeck when arriving at the harbour or mooring.

Complete kit includes:

    - Aluminium bowsprit with special end fittings - bridle attachment at the front and fixing block device at the back (delivered pre-installed); Sparcraft Bowsprit kit installed on Sailboat
    - Adjustable Central fixing collar
    - Deck fixing blocks.

The SPARCRAFT bowsprit advantages:

  • Easy foredeck installation and removal;
  • Automatic locking device for a maximum safety;
  • Suitabe for a large range of sailboats
  • For Code zero and Gennaker

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