International Orders

MarinerParts.com ships worldwide to most countries via USPS Priority services. Our shopping cart will not always calculate your shipping costs correctly due to size and weight considerations. Once you place an order, if no shipping options are offered at checkout, we will contact you with a shipping estimate. In some cases an uplift will be added prior to shipment based on the actual cost and dimensional weight of the package. Service type is determined based on the item and the country.  Below is a list of the countries we ship to. If you would like to get a shipping quote prior to ordering or don't see your country listed, please contact us.


AG Antigua
AR Argentina
AW Aruba
AU Australia
AT Austria
BS Bahamas
BB Barbados
BE Belgium
BZ Belize
BM Bermuda
BR Brazil
BG Bulgaria
TC Caicos Islands
CA Canada
KY Cayman Islands
CL Chile
CN China
CO Colombia
CR Costa Rica
HR Croatia
CZ Czech Republic
DK Denmark
DO Dominican Republic
EC Ecuador
EE Estonia
FJ Fiji
FI Finland
FR France
GF French Guiana
PF French Polynesia
DE Germany
GI Gibraltar
GR Greece
GD Grenada
GP Guadeloupe
GU Guam
GN Guinea
HK Hong Kong
HU Hungary
IE Ireland
IL Israel
IT Italy
JM Jamaica
JP Japan
KR Korea
MY Malaysia
MQ Martinique
MX Mexico
FM Micronesia
MC Monaco
NL Netherlands
AN Netherlands Antilles
KN Nevis
NZ New Zealand
NO Norway
PA Panama
PG Papua New Guinea
PE Peru
PH Philippines
PL Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
RU Russian Federation
KN Saint Kitts
LC Saint Lucia
PM Saint Pierre
VC Saint Vincent
WS Samoa
SM San Marino
SC Seychelles
SG Singapore
SB Solomon Islands
ZA South Africa
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
TW Taiwan
TH Thailand
VC The Grenadines
TT Trinidad
TR Turkey
TC Turks Islands
UA Ukraine
AE Un. Arab Emirates
GB United Kingdom
US United States
UY Uruguay
VE Venezuela
VG Virgin Islands (British)
VI Virgin Islands (US)