Harken Radial 2 Speed Chrome Self-Tailing Winch 70.2STC


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Product Description: Harken Radial 2 Speed Chrome Self-Tailing Winch (70.2STC)


  • Weight reductions between 25 and 50 percent, allowing smaller winches to carry higher loads
  • Shaped gripping surfaces for reduced line wear
  • Stress-free seasonal maintenance
  • One-person installation with easy upgrades to power.
  • The drum’s gripping surface is shaped for each winch size and drum material, and features diagonal ribs (rather than textured materials) to maximize gripping power and greatly reduce line wear.
  • When easing, other winches tend to push the line wraps up.
    • The Radial grip works more like a screw, driving the wraps down when easing to keep them on the part of the drum where you have the best control.
  • The strong, one-piece stripper arm completely covers the winch top.
  • The top does not rotate, preventing fingers and clothing from catching in moving parts which is an important safety feature, particularly when operating powered winches.
  • The arm can be adjusted to multiple positions after the winch is mounted and is shaped to smoothly feed line into and out of the self-tailing jaws.
  • Under line pressure, the spring-loaded upper jaw adjusts to accept a variety of line sizes.
  • Strong, lightweight composite roller bearings and bushing (in sized 20 winches) have excellent corrosion resistance and don’t require lubrication.
  • The snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in a high-strength, Delrin® cage when the drum is removed for maintenance.
  • Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4PH stainless steel.
  • Harken’s patent-pending stud-bolt mounting system allows one person to quickly install a winch through predrilled holes on deck—without removing the drum. Seasonal maintenance is also exceptionally easy.
  • The drum lifts out as a single unit and the roller bearings remain captive, making reassembly quick and mistake-free, making bearings lost overboard a thing of the past.
  • Part of the design goal for Radial winches was that they easily convert to power, with upgrades an integral part of the design, rather than added as an afterthought.
  • There is no need for an adapter plate and the identical stud pattern means no filling old holes and drilling new ones.
  • Boat builders can make upgrades even easier by precutting and sealing a 3.00 in (7.6 cm) drive-shaft hole into the boat.


  • Gear Ratio (1): 5.70 : 1
  • Gear Ratio (2): 18.50 : 1
  • Power Ratio (1): 22.20 : 1
  • Power Ratio (2): 72.00 : 1
  • Fastener Circle: 8-1/8"
  • Fasteners (FH): 6 x 5/16"
  • Drum Diameter- 5-1/8"
  • Base Diameter: 9-7/16"
  • Height: 10-1/16"
  • Weight (lb): 33.3
  • Line Entry Height (LE) (in): 4-1/2"





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