Marine Solar and Wind Energy

MarinerParts.com has experienced Marine alternative energy  people on staff to help you decide which energy solution is right for your boat. We carry only the best Marine Solar Panels and Marine Wind Generators on the market today. There are a lot of products that claim to be Marine Grade and some of them work well for coastal and inland lake situations, but if you want true marine grade, the products listed below will satisfy the rugged and harsh marine requirement.


Marine Solar Solutions

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Flexible Marine Solar Panels


Flexible solar panels are made using Thin-Film technology.  Thin Film solar panels are all monolithically integrated which eliminates the need for damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells. These rollable panels are made of silicon and are Cadmium Free, unlike some other solar technologies. These type of panels perform well in diverse environments, including hot sun.

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Thin Film Technologies are very useful as they are compact , durable and lightweight. However, they have lower output per sq/ft compared to a fixed rigid panel. Panel output ranges from 3 watts to 27 watts.
Flexible Marine Solar Panel on Sailboat

 Semi-Rigid Marine Solar Panels  Output  

Semi Flexible Rigid Panels are the best solution for high output offshore and coastal solar power. These panels from SunWare are designed specifically for the harsh salty marine environment. Because these panels employ crystaline silicon they are not completely bendable but can flex slightly to bend over your sailboat curved deck surface. Semi rigid panels are typically mounted on the decks, hatch covers, and coach roofs of yachts.

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Semi-Rigid panels offer much higher outputs than the Flexible Thin Film panels. Semi-Rigid solar panels range from 12 watts to 70watts per panel.  
 Sunware Solar on Boat  semi-rigid sunware solar panel

 Rigid Marine Solar Panels  Output  

Rigid marine solar panels are the ultimate panel solution when output is your main goal. These panels are similar to the panels seen on houses and buildings, however have been modified for the marine environment. Some of these panels are rather large and need to be mounted flat on the deck or on mounting brackets (Typically at the stern of the boat or davitz mounted). Smaller fixed panels are really good for keeping small boats auxillary batteries topped off by trickle charging them.

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Rigid marine solar panels put out the most energy per sq/ft. Output varries by size but can range from 6 watt to 130 watts.  
 Sunsei solar mounted on Bimini Sunsei Marine solar panels Sunsei Rigid marine solar panels

Marine Wind Solutions

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MarinerParts.com carries the best in marine wind power generation. We currently offer AmpAir wind turbines as we have found them to be the most durable, reliable and well made turbins available today. Ampair has been manufacturing wind turbins for the marine world since 1973 and are manufactured in the UK.

Ampair 100 Output  

The Ampair 100 wind turbine has an unrivalled pedigree as the microwind turbine of choice for absolute reliability for charging battery systems in harsh conditions. Although it only generates up to 100 watts of electrical power in practice it often outperforms so-called 400 watt machines because of its very good low windspeed performance. This unit is much quieter than other units on the market and it's sealed construction makes it very rugged.

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Up to 100 watts of power is developed by the permanent magnet alternator. The design allows the charging of totally flat batteries and prevents reverse current flow due to internal rectifiers. The machine has no commutator brushes to wear out and cannot overheat. It requires no thermal cut-outs, chokes or other forms of control to safeguard generator & protect windings from burn-out. Slip rings and brush gear allow the wind turbine generator to seek the wind and feed two wires connecting directly to the battery  
AmpAir 100 Marine Wind TurbineAmpair 100 mounted on sternAmpair Power layout Ampair on rugged sailboat

Ampair 300    

The Ampair (Pacific) 300 wind turbine system is suitable for larger yachts, small industrial locations, or remote holiday cabins. This microwind turbine has evolved from the outstandingly rugged Ampair 100 unit with the addition of the revolutionary PowerFurlTM blade pitch control system, advanced aerodynamic blade design and a more powerful generator.

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300 watts at 12.5 metres per second (25 knots) wind spee. 6knots startup speed  
 Ampair 300 watt wind turbinAmpair Marine 300 Blades Ampair 300 Martine Wind Turbin Mounted on Stern of Sailboat