Schaefer Headsail Systems

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Schaefer Furling and Reefing systems are legendary for their ability to perform under the most adverse conditions. All of our furlers use Torlon™ bearings in machined races to assure smooth operation. Trust Schaefer Furling to add a whole new dimension to your foretriangle.

Strength is just the beginning of why a Schaefer furler is the best furling system available. From years of research, we've developed a combination of features that rival any furler, at any price. That's because we've designed in, and improved, all the useful features of the world's best rated furlers and eliminated the ideas that didn't make sense.

The result is a furler that's not only strong, it's also easy to control, smooth and reliable.

Schaefer Headsail systems
Schaefer 750 Furling System Schaefer 1100 Jib Furling System Schaefer 2100 Jib Furling System Schaefer 3100 Jib Furling System

Schaefer Jib Free Furling System Schaefer Rigid System Schaefer Snapfurl furling systems

Schaefer 350 Free Furling      

Schaefer 30035 - Pulpit Furling Lead 1 in. (25mm) Ball Bearing

CODE: SCH30035

$91.72   $77.96
Schaefer 30035 - Pulpit Furling Lead 1 in. (25mm) Ball Bearing

Schaefer 75001 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 1/8 in wire 1/4 in. pin (6mm)

CODE: SCH75001

System 750, 1/8" Wire, 1/4" Pin (3/6mm)

Schaefer 75002 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 5/32 in wire 5/16 in. pin (8mm)

CODE: SCH75002

System 750, 5/32" Wire, 5/16" Pin (4/8mm)

Schaefer 75003 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 3/16 in wire 3/8 in. pin (10mm)

CODE: SCH75003

System 750, 3/16" Wire, 3/8" Pin (5/10mm)

Schaefer 75004 - Jib Furling System 750 w/ Sta-Lok for 7/32 in wire 7/16 in. pin (12mm)

CODE: SCH75004

System 750, 7/32" Wire, 7/16" Pin (5.5/12mm)

Schaefer 75010 - Extension Kit 6ft. (2m) joint rivets

CODE: SCH75010

Extension Kit, 6'(2m), Joint, Rivets

Schaefer 75011 - 45 ft. x 5/16 in. line (15m / 8mm)

CODE: SCH75011

50' x 1/4" Line (15m/6mm)

Schaefer 75019 - Clamp on block / line kit 50ft. 1/4 in. (15m / 6mm)

CODE: SCH75019

Clamp On Block/Line Kit, 50',1/4"(15m/6mm)