Harken Radial Winches

Get your Harken Radials on this year and get some new traction on the water!

Harken Radial Winches - A New design review.

Harken Radial winches were designed from the deck up with three key ideas in mind: safety and long-lasting performance, streamlined installations, and hydraulic and electric upgrades as integral parts of the design rather than afterthoughts. We started from a blank sheet of paper, addressing the needs of specific types of sailors. For example, racers mainly want the most power for the lightest weight. A cruiser with a child on the other hand asks, “Wait a minute, if my kid puts hands on the winch while the electric power is turning it …” They are more concerned with safety.

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New Product, New Process

No winch line has ever been designed with yacht builders in mind. No one asked, “What can we do to help boatbuilders who assemble in bigger quantities?” That’s because if you went to a boatbuilding yard 10 years ago, they weren’t using the highly efficient “lean” assembly systems used in automotive companies. These days, there’s a bigger focus on the time required to install a winch, the weight and ease-of-handling from a worker’s point of view, and the complexity of the assembly process.

Grip with a Twist

The grip is one of the most critical areas of a winch. With a high-friction drum there will be more line wear, so designers must balance the need for controlled easing with line longevity. We also have to consider that the winch is interfacing with a product we don’t make—we needed to find a grip that performed as well with high-tech line as with older cordage. So while we were happy with the sandblasting and knurling we had before, we wanted to find out if there was more we could do. The new grip is very different from other winches with grooves or ribs. Other winches tend to push the line wraps up when easing. The Radial grip works more like a screw, driving the wraps down when easing to keep them on the part of the drum where you have the best control.

Details Make the Difference

The Harken Radial winch is available in aluminum alloy and chrome. Choices include 1-, 2-, and 3-speed self-tailing or plain-top styles; and manual, electric, or hydraulic drives.

Harken winch Integrated Stripper Arm

The strong, one-piece stripper arm completely covers the winch top for a stable platform that prevents fingers and clothing from catching in moving parts—an important safety feature, particularly when operating powered winches. The arm can be adjusted to multiple positions after the winch is mounted, and is shaped to smoothly feed line into and out of the self-tailing jaws.

Lightweight, High-Strength Materials in Harken Radial Winches

Composite roller bearings and bushings reduce friction under load, have excellent corrosion resistance, and don’t require lubrication. Snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in high-strength Delrin® cage when drum is removed for maintenance. Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4PH stainless steel for strength and durability. Weight savings of 25 to 50 percent compared to the Classic Harken line.

Easy to Service and Maintain Winches

Harken Radial winches can be disassembled and serviced on deck. The socket, washer, and screw-top snap-fit together to simplify maintenance and for mistake-free assembly. Installation manuals and parts lists are available online at www.harken.com.

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